General Assembly Security Council

Vote on UNSC Draft Resolution on Mental Health Support for UN Peace Operations Personnel

[Wednesday, 21 December 2022]


EOV by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj

Permanent Representative of India to the UN



I will make an explanation of vote in my national capacity.


2. As one of the largest troop contributing countries over the years, India places the highest importance to the safety, security and well being of UN peacekeepers. Mental health is an essential component of holistic health and we are cognizant of the difficult and demanding environments in which the UN peace operations personnel work. Therefore, medical care and wellbeing of UN personnel deserve collective and close attention of all member states.


3. While we have voted in favour, keeping the overall interests and wellbeing of UN peacekeepers, we would like to submit the following two issues for the Council’s future deliberations:


One, any serious deliberation of the issue should be premised on the data and study conducted in consultations with Troop and Police Contributing Countries (T/PCCs). It need NOT be based on a simplistic assumption that Troop and Police Contributing Countries [T/PCCs] are not giving due attention to the matter.


Two, we believe that the right forum to deliberate the issue is the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations (C34). C34 consists of 157 Member States involved in peacekeeping missions and holds annual debates to arrive at policy recommendations. C34 has been giving due consideration to the issue of mental health of UN personnel in peace operations. As a result, there has been consistent improvement in recent years in the operating environment, living conditions, casualty evacuation, medical facilities among others. This is a work in progress and any recommendation on the issue can only be done with adequate data collection, its analysis, and taking into consideration the views and concerns of all T/PCCs. We had conveyed our views on this count during the negotiation on this resolution.


4. We therefore hope that future deliberations on issue of mental health and well-being of UN peace operations personnel will be addressed in a systemic and holistic manner through all relevant and mandated organs of the UN.


Thank you!